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1. FASHION WORLD - Concept and positionning

FASHION WORLD HDTV is a new 24 hour "lifestyle" channel planned for launch throughout the Middle East in early 2007. It is a sophisticated and glossy channel!and a vital element in the overall content offer on the digital platforms throughout the region.

In the coming months, the sale of High Definition TV sets and screens will increase and rapidly become established as the "norm". In this exciting new environment FASHION WORLD HDTV intends to become a leading player as one of the first High Definiton TV channels in the World.

Indeed FASHION WORLD HDTV is designed to be one of the locomotive elements in the new high definition screen-compatible packages which the satellite operators will soon offer FASHION WORLD HDTV can be defined as a “light entertainment” channel covering fashion news, of course, but also lifestyle and educational programmes. The broad range of themes and topics will include:

- tourism and travel
- food and cooking
- cultural events
- beauty and health
- "fun" sports such as skiing and surfing
- celebrity news and royalty
- architecture and design
- a number of fashion related "how-to" programmes such as "how to use make up", "how to cut hair nicely", "how to get success in business", "how to improve health"...
- purchased product that fits into the concept (films, series, TV movies, documentaries, magazine shows).
- Shopping TV

In order to make FASHION WORLD HDTV as attractive as possible to viewers in the Middle East and North Africa, a high proportion of local production and local interest topics will be included. Although news and interviews of all the major international celebrities will be present on FASHION WORLD HDTV, these items should be mixed with local Arabic stars to ensure sufficient local colour and appeal. 

Furthermore FASHION WORLD HDTV intends to organize regular local fashion-related events in Dubai. These will include fashion shows with all the international models but also in depth portraits of visiting international designers.

FASHION WORLD HDTV is not a "tabloid" channel : its sophisticated image will be masterfully sculpted to position it as a "wannabe" channel: viewers are interested in seeing a mouth-watering report on a famous English footballer's favourite restaurant in Dubai, even if they themselves could never afford to go there. Likewise a sumptious and pittoresque visit of a celebrity's luxury villa on Palm Island will appeal both to the rich and famous as well of those would like to become rich and famous themselves, one day.

Although these elements are likely to appeal primarily to a female audience, the channel will not be a womens' channel: the packaging will be modern and programming will include topics of interest to a wide ranging audience.

In today's fast moving digital world, one of the longer term strategies of FASHION WORLD HDTV is to imagine that "spin-off" channels are possible in the future, !for example a more teenage orientated version of the channel, a more “entertainment only” based channel or, indeed, a dedicated womens' interest station.

The FASHION WORLD HDTV team's experience in its local market is essential for the right programme mix to be found. FASHION WORLD HDTV's content will come from a wide diversity of sources and a high level of quality programming and chic packaging must be maintained to ensure the success of this flagship channel.


The actual programming on FASHION WORLD HDTV will primarily come from 4 different sources:

1. International agency and archive material including coverage of fashion shows from all over the world, nearly all of which is now filmed in HDTV.

2. in-house production covering complete local Arabic or English language programmes, special emphasis on local events and educational content

3. programme acquisition including movies, TV films, mini-series, long running series, documentaries, specials, magazine shows, sports, fillers, etc. This content will be limited in the early stages because there is only a small amount of high definiton programmes available but this will increase dramatically in the future.

4. purchased programmes or co-productions adapted especially for the Middle East market and FASHION WORLD HDTV in particular. These could include, for example, celebrity news from Entertainment, a regular fashion news programme produced with Al Jazeera, luxury tourist destinations in partnership with Travel Channel, etc.

The current provisional schedule is for a 24 hour channel consisting of a 4 hour fresh program block daily, each broadcast a total of 6 times weekdays.

The weekend schedule includes “best of...” shows from the previous week and each 4 hour block is also shown a total of 6 times but, unlike the weekday schedule, the reruns of the acquired material (movies, TV movies, documentaries) are spread over two weekends.



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